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like-minded people.

We are a group of Jamaicans in various technology industries across the world.

Designed for what interests you

Your passion in IT is important to us.


We have a spot for the Penetration Testers, the Kali lovers, Bug Hunters, Social Engineers.


Be you DevOps, Frontend or Backend JCST is here for you. Come share your latest playbooks and toolkit.

Risk and Compliance

Looking to manage risk better, or understand compliance requirements, we have a channel for that.


Looking for some perspective on structuring and control your IT operations, one of us has been there.

Forensics and Incident Response

You might be interested in discus investigating an incident or a confirmed breach, we've got you covered.

Health and Wellness

We support the mental and physical health of our group members, we provide support for anxiety and stress.

Contribute, be heard,
share your voice.

We support people at all levels of career development in the cyber industry. Your input is valuable.

A haven for techies

Your passion for IT is important to us.

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Verified users have special access to channels and exclusive promotional content only available to group members.

Channel moderation

Our admins help to ensure the conversations stay constructive and respectful of each other's perspectives.

Trusted security

Our group runs on the security of the Discord platform which supports millions of techies around the world.

Multiple topics

Share your IT voice on areas such as Security, Dev Ops, Networking, Risk, Compliance, Governance, and more!

Career development

Build relationships through conversation and get feedback on your goals from the Jamaican's tech talent.

Dedicated support

Our admins and moderators help to keep things flowing and resolve issues as they arise.

Supporting all Jamaican countries and territories